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Press Releases

Under New Management!:

After many years at the helm of Ensearch Products owner Jim Herculson has now retired in search of warm beaches and cold drinks and is happy to announce the apponitment of  John and Chris Stokes as the new owners of Ensearch (UK)Ltd

''This was fantastic news for us, we have been working with Jim and his team for over fifteen years and the product range is without exception a serious potetial market leader in the field of environmentally friendly boat valeting products. There's loads of work for us to do in terms of raising the profile of the business but we have some loyal stockists and the product reputation is first class so 2015 should be a great year' (John Stokes)

'This addition is perfect, our boat valeting business GRPro-clean (Thames) Ltd is the approved trainig provider for Ensearch and we have great in depth knowledge of the product range and its many uses. It's a natural developement for us, our guys are using the products every day, we're happy to give advice to anyone and you can find us at www.grpro-clean.co.uk' (Chris Stokes)




Ensearch’s Boaters’ Grail still a firm favourite:

Boaters Grail.jpgHosted by TCS Chandlery Ensearch will be exhibiting its innovative polishing product  the Boaters’ Grail, which is designed to give gelcoat colour back its shine.  The Boaters’ Grail leaves an innovative reflective glass-like layer to enhance colour, instead of the traditional surface-eroding ‘cut and polish’ method.

The Boaters’ Grail is just one of the full range of cleaning products that Ensearch will be exhibiting at TCS Chandlery, including cleaners and polishes for yachts, dinghies, RIB and covers.

The Boaters’ Grail effortlessly brings a shine to all gelcoats from the whitest of whites to the darkest of colours. The Boaters’ Grail also enhances faded and sun bleached colours such as dark blue, green and red.

Ensearch is the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly boat cleaning products and its new flagship product, the Boaters’ Grail, works by spreading as a thin clear liquid which quickly dries leaving a microscopically thin glass-like layer which reflects light back in a manner which intensifies the original colour and leaves a sparkling shine. It is very easy to use, because there’s hardly any work involved.  Just spray it on, wipe over for an even finish and  allow it to dry.

What’s more, the Boaters’ Grail is kind to the environment since it is biodegradable and contains no abrasives

The Boaters’ Grail can be purchased from Ensearch’s online shop at www.ensearch.co.uk as well as from chandlers around the UK. 

Recommended retail price £19.50 inc. VAT for a 250ml spray bottle.

MCP Marine Recommend Ensearch for Synthetic Decking:

MCP Marine are distributors of composite decking brand Dek-King, a high quality composite alternative to teak. Designed to look and feel like teak, it offers superior anti-slip and UV resistant properties. Synthetic decking is becoming a popular choice amongst boat owners and manufacturers due to it’s durability and low maintenance, however as Victor Aspey of MCP comments:-


‘Like anything it needs a degree of cleaning to keep it looking great’. 


Having tried various marine products for this task MCP trialled 

All Over Boat Cleaner from Ensearch, with great results.


‘All Over Boat Cleaner is by far the most effective product we have found, it is easy to use, fast and effective and we will be recommending it to all our customers’


Known for their scientific & non-abrasive approach to boat cleaning and maintenance Ensearch’s All Over Boat Cleaner will not damage decking like many treatments some of which are abrasive but gently remove ingrained dirt and grime. 


Ensearch’s All Over Boat Cleaner tackles a range of dirt and stains including fuel spillages, exhaust stains, shoe scuffs, algae and mould, bird droppings, grey run marks plus black marks from fenders. It comes in a highly concentrated form which diluted ensures a little goes a long way!


All Over Boat Cleaner £16.50 per litre   Buy Online

 AA Boat Cleaner.jpg

Tiny grey/black specks on non-slip decks?:

This may simply be dirt trapped in the non-skid pattern, in which case Ensearch            All-Over Boat Cleaner will do the trick, but - look closely, very closely - these specks may actually be minute pin-head sized holes in the gelcoat. This is particularly common in diamond-patterned and similar surfaces and results from the original manufacture of the boat.

  Such patterns are reversed in the mould from which the deck is taken, in other words the diamond which is raised on the deck is a hollow in the mould. Being small and pointed it is easy for a tiny amount of air to become trapped either when gelcoat is applied to the mould or, following application of gelcoat, the lay-up resin is applied. In the former case this results in the generally darker lay-up resin being visible from new or, in the latter case, a small bubble of air being trapped beneath the relatively thin gelcoat. Scuffing by shoes or general wear and tear can easily remove the gelcoat thereby revealing a tiny dark hole.


black marks foredeck.jpg

Fibreglass Hull Cleaner doing what it does best:

     Waterline staining is always a problem but in some areas it is extreme. Ensearch FibreglassHull Cleaner is designed to remove these stubborn stains from gelcoat without the need for rubbing and scrubbing.

The bleach-free formula gives a highly engineered product that draws out deposits so they can simply be washed off. 


 We applied the product went for a pleasant walk and 20 minutes later returned to find the results. Although familiar with the magic of Fibreglass Hull Cleaner the Ensearch team are still impressed every time they see it perform, a bit like when you were young (remember those days) and your Dad produced the coin from behind your ear. How did he do that!?


Fibreglass Hull Cleaner £22.95 1 litre

For trade enquiries contact ensearch@ensearch.co.uk

Shenzhen Triton Trading Ltd takes on full Ensearch product range.:

Just before Christmas, approved Ensearch training provider (GRPro-clean Thames) Ltd were invited to China providing technical support and training to all Triton Trading staff in a variety of significant marinas in the Shenzhen bay area.

GRPro-clean's director, Chris Stokes said,

'This was a fantastic experience for us, we learned a huge amount about the extra banefits that these products have, they are so much more than just single use products and are fantastic value, why buy three or four different cleaners when one product used correctly will do a brilliant job. The Chinese are currently very focused on environmental issues so their primary interest was the fact that Ensearch products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, plus, they are purpose built for the cleaning of fiberglass boats' 

As a result of their experience in China GRPro-clean are now running a series of informative presentations to marinas, yacht clubs and other interested parties showing some great proffesional tips on boat cleaning and of course, how best to use the Ensearch range and at the same time, protect the environment, check out their web site at www.grpro-clean.co.uk