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The search for the Grail is over: Guinevere at the London Boat Show:

Ensearch enjoyed a very successful Tullett Prebon London Boat show in January, exhibiting on the TCS Chandlery stand.  The Ensearch range of products took pride of place at the front of the busy stand.  On the opening day of the show Ensearch provided a bit of a stir when the very beautiful and mysterious Lady Guinevere was seen gliding around the show with a basket of one of Ensearch’s favourite products under her arm, the Boaters’ Grail.  The fibreglass enhancing samples were given away to most of the boat sales companies who were really pleased to receive them.

guinevere.jpg“We had a very good show,” commented Jim Herculson of Ensearch.  “Our cleaners and polishes attracted a lot of interest and sold well.  They were also well received by the boat sales exhibitors who are looking forward to trying them out, and we know they won’t be disappointed.” 

Despite the myths and legends we will never know whether the mythical Guinevere and her husband King Arthur ever found the Grail of history despite his long searches told in folklore, but our nautical Guinevere certainly had enough Grails to share around!







guinievere 1.jpg