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It's spring - time to get cleaning!:

The days are getting warmer and the boat yards are full of the sounds of spring. Antifouling is underway, and the cleaning and polishing begins. Time to stock up with Ensearch!

Boats tend to look a bit tired after a harsh winter, and stains, oil, grime from the atmosphere and salt has all built up on hulls, decks, superstructure and windows.  The great thing about buying from Ensearch is that we have a full range of products available to remove virtually every type of dirt and stain.  The All Over Boat Cleaner and Fibreglass Hull Cleaner are great general products to keep in the boat kit.  Also, for boats with a large amount of glass such as motor boats, the Marine Screen Clean is extremely effective.  In fact all the Ensearch products have an important role to play in making a boat look like new before it returns to the water.  Bringing up a shine is also a great way to finish off the spring clean, and the highly acclaimed Boaters’ Grail is the most effective way of achieving a superb lasting shine with virtually no
effort.  Just try it and you will be convinced. 

boat cleaning pic.jpg