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Hosepipe ban lifted but Enseach copes with drought!:

Hosepipe bans put in place by three of the UK's biggest water companies were lifted in mid-June. Restrictions were lifted by Anglian Water, Southern Water and Thames Water, who provide services to more than 15 million customers between them. 

Ensearch’s customers need not have worried though.  Ensearch’s cleaning and stain removal products can be rinsed off with a minimal amount of water and even salt water can be used. And to get a shine it’s just a question of simply wiping over with a damp cloth or sponge to remove dust and salt.  Then spray on The Boaters’ Grail for perfect results every time - easy! 

Most boat owners, however, will be happy that they can once again use the hosepipes at their disposal, so now is a good time to get summer cleaning!