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Sailing Today Test gives Boaters' Grail the Thumbs Up:

In the August issue of Sailing Today Duncan Kent tested the Boater's Grail.   This is what he said.

"Leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly boat cleaning products, Ensearch, has recently released an innovative polishing product, which it has boldly named the Boaters' Grail.  The formulation has been designed to give fading gelcoat back its colour and shine and what better test than on my old Jaguar 27, which has its original gelcoat but has lacked any serious TLC for a while.

Said to give a reflective, glass-like layer to enhance the colour, the Boaters' Grail is intended to replace traditional surface-eroding 'cut and polish' methods.


We were a little sceptical of the manufacturer's enthusiastic promises, such as "The Boaters' Grail effortlessly brings a shine to all gelcoats from the whitest of whites to the darkest of colours".  In my experiences nothing that's worth doing is ever 'effortless', but I gave it a go anyway.

Firstly, it's important to remember that this is a final finish - not a cleaner - so you still have to give the gelcoat a really good wash first with a decent grease removing formula.  Then, to be honest, if you really want to bring back the shine my feeling is that you'll need to go over the topsides at least once with a gentle 'cutting' type polish if the gelcoat has gone powdery.

Finally, when she's already looking better than new you can go over her with the Boater's Grail.  It's easy to apply - just like a very fine furniture polish - but it leaves the surface feeling really slippery and smooth.  A little goes a long way too - the Jag needing only a third of the bottle to complete.

Once it has dried the fine coat of wax-like substance repels water and dirt and even appears to keep her clean where the fenders rub.


  • Easy to apply
  • Leaves a dirt-resistant, shiney surface
  • Environmentally responsible


  • The prep work beforehand


It's good stuff and it is easy to apply, but the real effort is in the preparation.  Get her clean and shiny before you apply the Boater's Grail and the latter does a grand job of keeping her looking good all season.

Oh, and another bonus - it's biodegradable so doesn't put nasties into the water.


It was a shame that Duncan Kent didn't use our All over Boat Cleaner before using
the Boaters' Grail, as this gets rid of chalky residue.  He therefore would have
had no need to cut back and spend time preparing the surface.

When we discussed this with Duncan he agreed as he remebered using AOBC
in the past, and remarked on what a great product it was! We spend a great deal
of time ensuring our products work together to produce, safe fast and effective
cleaning. We are very happy with the review but perhaps using AOBC would have
given us 5 stars...!! 


In fact Duncan Kent didn't have anything bad to say about the product at all.  He was just sceptical that he needed to do more preparation that actually he really needed to.  So it is good to remember that Ensearch's products work together and really are effortless and work without abrasion!


Boaters Grail ST Aug 12.jpg