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Hanna Boats: “We’re dealing with an outstanding product.”:

Jonny Brady of Hanna Boats says “We have had some really amazing feedback on how easy the Ensearch products are to use and how effective they are at their job.”  Jonny is an Ensearch stockist and it’s great to hear such a positive testimonial about our products.

“I have been an Ensearch stockist for seven months,” he adds.  “After receiving a tester of all Ensearch’s products and trying them out in our valeting department it was not long before we realised what kind of outstanding product we were dealing with.

“Ensearch has always answered all my questions very quickly and with great detail.  Customers were quick to notice the new attractive product line in our shop.  After all we as stockists want to sell and use a product that is kind to your boat and cleans it with the least amount of effort.”


If you are thinking of stocking Ensearch and want to talk to Jonny, you can contact him at Hanna Boats in Coleraine, Co Londonderry on 028 2766 2212.

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