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Boats’n’Bits: Ensearch online shop:

Boats’n’Bits, based in Norwich, UK,  is very proud to operate Ensearch’s online shop.  “When we were first approached by Jim Herculson of Ensearch to host the shop we were delighted,” said the company’s Richard Parker.  

“We know that Ensearch’s cleaning and finishing products are extremely effective and we were very pleased to be able to partner Ensearch in growing the brand, and getting the products distributed across the world.”

“At Boats’n’Bits we were already hosting a website for our own general chandlery, so we have a fair bit of experience in setting up and managing an online shop, as well as handling the packaging and despatching of products,” he adds.

Ensearch is now celebrating over two years of its relationship with Boats’n’Bits.  “By outsourcing the management of Ensearch’s website to the experts we are able to free up our own time to concentrate on product development and market expansion,” explains Ensearch’s Managing Director Jim Herculson.  “Richard Parker
and his team do a very good job for us.”

Ensearch’s online shop is easily accessible through the website www.ensearch.co.uk, and the products can be purchased with the minimum amount of fuss. 

“We have sent products as far and wide as New Caledonia and South America,” says Richard.  “We get very good feedback from many customers who comment on the
effectiveness of the products.”  

He adds "Ensearch is one of Boats'n'Bits' best sellers which adds even greater confidence.  The top three Ensearch products are often to be seen on our own best sellers' list."

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