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Rust Response enjoys good early sales:

The super-effective gel which removes stubborn deep-seated rust stains and marks, Rust Response, was added to Ensearch's range just last month. And the verdict on Rust Response has been extremely positive.  "A number of buyers have already put Rust Response through its paces and we have had some very enthusiastic feedback," comments Ensearch's Jim Herculson.

Rust Response effortlessly tackles a wide range of surfaces such as stainless steel pulpits, stanchions and fittings, fibreglass gelcoat, teak, upholstery and paintwork.

Rust Response’s advanced chemical engineering means that no scrubbing or scraping is necessary. Rust Response is simply applied to the affected areas with a soft paint  brush or similar.  Leave it on until the stains have disappeared and wash off with water while gently agitating with the brush.

The product's gel-like consistency makes it easy to use on vertical surfaces. Rust Response even removes those hard-to-get-at rust specks which become embedded in gelcoat and paintwork as a result of angle grinding nearby.

Rust Response contains no abrasives so will not damage surfaces.  Like all of Ensearch’s cleaning and finishing products it is biodegradable and therefore kind to the environment.

Retail price

£10.71 sterling, €13.30 euros , $16.72 US dollars, all excluding VAT, per 500 ml

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