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Product focus: Marine Screen Clean:

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At last the UK is seeing some sunnier and calmer weather and many boaters are grabbing those extra days to get out on the water.  One of the top selling products at this time of year is Ensearch’s Marine Screen Clean and Window Kit. That’s because when the boat is getting plenty of use, salt from splashing waves and residue can build up.  The motorboat helmsman, especially, wants to keep the boat’s windscreen nice and clear of salt and residue for safe navigation, and of course everyone enjoys a good view out from the cabin when anchored or docked.

Marine Screen Clean is provided in a kit together with an effective water and dirt repellent, SeeZee. The kit contains two professional microfibre buffing cloths.

Marine Screen Clean is formulated to be extremely effective in removing airborne pollution and other deposits common in the marine environment which prove stubborn or impossible to remove with conventional glass cleaners. The product contains biodegradable solvents which quickly get rid of even accumulated dirt, and it dries free of smears.  The exclusive formula means that Marine Screen Clean is just as effective in bad weather, and it’s economical too - a small amount will go a long way. Marine Screen Clean is suitable for glass and all types of plastics including flexible clear windows in covers, and for all types of boat applications.

Once the windows are sparkling clean a quick spray of SeeZee, wiped over with the microfibre cloth and allowed to dry, leaves an invisible protective layer which will repel dirt and water.  Visibility is improved and you don’t need to repeat the cleaning so often.  Even salt build-up from spray can simply be brushed away or washed off with a bucket of fresh water leaving a clean, smear-free surface.  SeeZee also reduces the effect of crazing on plastic screens and windows and helps prevent opaqueness or a 'smoky' appearance through weathering. 

Both the products in Ensearch’s Marine Screen Clean and Windows Kit have been extensively tested on offshore powerboats and the effectiveness of SeeZee has shown the water still beading after a full season.

Since both Marine Screen Clean and SeeZee are bio-degradable they are kind to the environment, and as they are non-abrasive they are kind to screens too.