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Product Focus: Fibreglass Hull Cleaner:

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Ensearch’s Fibreglass Hull Cleaner is a highly efficient boat cleaner, easily removing dirt and stains from the hulls of fibreglass boats and yachts.  Fibreglass Hull Cleaner doesn’t have any abrasive particles in it so it doesn’t scratch.  Its unique chemical formula does all the work instead so it won’t damage the hull and its delicate gelcoat.

You’ll be surprised to know that despite its formula it is completely biodegradable and washes off into waterways and the environment without causing any damage. 

Fibreglass Hull Cleaner will remove brown waterline stains, air and waterborne dirt, pollution and light rust marks, and even exhaust staining.  Marks and stains come off quickly and effortlessly. There is no rubbing or scrubbing involved, it’s a simple case of putting it on with a large soft brush, leaving it to do the work, and washing it off!

Despite its name Fibreglass Hull Cleaner cleans more than just fibre glass and is highly effective on rust too.   It also gives a brilliant shine to stainless steel fittings, and brings deck areas up looking clean as well.

Amongst the positive feedback receive by Ensearch a yacht owner (name and address supplied) said "I own an MG335 cruiser racer in Plymouth, UK and I always struggled to get the extra stubborn dirt off the waterline and from around areas such as the exhaust outlet. I am also very aware of environmental issues. I’ve scrubbed away with other products for years then put Ensearch’s Fibreglass Hull Cleaner on, hosed it off, and it worked! The top sides have come up a treat.”

Ensearch Fibreglass Hull Cleaner is supplied in a one litre bottle which will go a long way.

Ensearch Fibreglass Hull Cleaner RRP £22.95 per litre inc UK tax. 

Dealers and distributors: please ask us for details of our competitive trade prices.