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'Marine Klean' up for Norfolk & Suffolk:

New company 'Marine Klean' will be providing private & commercial boat owners in the East Anglian region with a top quality valeting service. When looking for a suitable product range they looked no further than Ensearch.


"There is an abundance of boats in this area, not only coastal but the inland waterways too. Obviously the Norfolk coast was the testbed for the Ensearch products so some of the problems faced by boat owners such as mineral staining on the waterline, a common problem in many of the coastal harbours, will be no challenge for the likes of our Fibreglass Hull Cleaner which was developed with this in mind" comments Jim Herculson of Ensearch.

Based in Lowestoft this innovative company offers a one off service, perfect for preparing your boat for sale, or a monthly contract clean during winter & summer months. Judd Perrin says 'by using Ensearch products I know I am providing the best for my customers, the technical back-up provided by Ensearch is also extremely valuable for this type of business'