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MCP Marine latest stockist for Ensearch:

Newest stockist MCP Marine have a clear ethos, to apply innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit the marine leisure industry as a whole. So it is little surprise that they have added Ensearch to their list of products.


Based at Emsworth Yacht Harbour, Hampshire the company offers a variety of products and services designed to provide practical and sensible solutions to problems expressed in the boating community. Any products for boats or marinas that are promoted by MCP Marine represent a means of establishing a new and better way to improve peoples boating experience with broad, lasting, and cost-effective solutions.


Victor Aspey of MCP says: 


“we did some trials on a variety of products for cleaning boats and found that Ensearch products proved themselves to be amongst the best. These marine products were aligned with our company mission statement of offering a more sustainable product range.  We quickly decided to help promote these products and spread the word to our clients”