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For the Love of Sailing:

As I sat bobbing on the edge of  a river on the Norfolk Broads I looked across to the other side with great anticipation. No longer on my parents' boat, I was about to have my first taste as an independent sailor. Little did I know that the owner of the rented dinghy would give me no instruction at all on how to handle the thing, he simply placed his foot on the stern and shoved me off, so there I was, literally, thrown in at the deep end! But that is how I learnt and how my love of boats and sailing began. 


Ensearch products have been designed by sailors, for sailors. We don't repackage automotive products because we are not passionate about cars; we are passionate about boats and the seas lakes and rivers we sail on. We specialise in the marine market because it is a specialist industry. Our focus is to protect both value and appearance of what for most of us is our pride and joy, our escape from the strains and stress of the world.  We don't make cleaning products we make formulas that have been engineered to achieve what others only claim to and without damage to boat, sea, land or man.


for enquiries contact ensearch@ensearch.co.uk