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Still No.1:

The Boaters' Grail, our most revolutionary finishing product  remains our best seller.  


“The hull was quite faded so I applied the The Boaters’ Grail and was absolutely amazed by the results, in fact stunned”


  These are the words of Suffolk boat owner and Fox’s (Ipswich) customer Peter Starling.  Peter owns a dark blue 40ft Grand Soleil which was suffering from the usual problems of oxidation and patchiness. Once applied the gleaming hull even attracted attention from passers by.


The Boaters’ Grail is a unique and innovative product. Unlike traditional finishing products where buffing is required The Boaters’ Grail is sprayed on, spread evenly and simply allowed to dry. It is a highly durable and UV resistant formula which requires little effort to apply but delivers amazing results. This is due to it’s highly engineered formula,  which dries and hardens to produce an impressive and envious shine. Test have shown that  one treatment can last for up to a year.


The Boaters’ Grail RRP £19.50 (inc VAT) for 250ml, for enquiries please contact us