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Tiny grey/black specks on non-slip decks?:

This may simply be dirt trapped in the non-skid pattern, in which case Ensearch            All-Over Boat Cleaner will do the trick, but - look closely, very closely - these specks may actually be minute pin-head sized holes in the gelcoat. This is particularly common in diamond-patterned and similar surfaces and results from the original manufacture of the boat.

  Such patterns are reversed in the mould from which the deck is taken, in other words the diamond which is raised on the deck is a hollow in the mould. Being small and pointed it is easy for a tiny amount of air to become trapped either when gelcoat is applied to the mould or, following application of gelcoat, the lay-up resin is applied. In the former case this results in the generally darker lay-up resin being visible from new or, in the latter case, a small bubble of air being trapped beneath the relatively thin gelcoat. Scuffing by shoes or general wear and tear can easily remove the gelcoat thereby revealing a tiny dark hole.


black marks foredeck.jpg