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Fibreglass Hull Cleaner doing what it does best:

     Waterline staining is always a problem but in some areas it is extreme. Ensearch FibreglassHull Cleaner is designed to remove these stubborn stains from gelcoat without the need for rubbing and scrubbing.

The bleach-free formula gives a highly engineered product that draws out deposits so they can simply be washed off. 


 We applied the product went for a pleasant walk and 20 minutes later returned to find the results. Although familiar with the magic of Fibreglass Hull Cleaner the Ensearch team are still impressed every time they see it perform, a bit like when you were young (remember those days) and your Dad produced the coin from behind your ear. How did he do that!?


Fibreglass Hull Cleaner £22.95 1 litre

For trade enquiries contact ensearch@ensearch.co.uk