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Shenzhen Triton Trading Ltd takes on full Ensearch product range.:

Just before Christmas, approved Ensearch training provider (GRPro-clean Thames) Ltd were invited to China providing technical support and training to all Triton Trading staff in a variety of significant marinas in the Shenzhen bay area.

GRPro-clean's director, Chris Stokes said,

'This was a fantastic experience for us, we learned a huge amount about the extra banefits that these products have, they are so much more than just single use products and are fantastic value, why buy three or four different cleaners when one product used correctly will do a brilliant job. The Chinese are currently very focused on environmental issues so their primary interest was the fact that Ensearch products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, plus, they are purpose built for the cleaning of fiberglass boats' 

As a result of their experience in China GRPro-clean are now running a series of informative presentations to marinas, yacht clubs and other interested parties showing some great proffesional tips on boat cleaning and of course, how best to use the Ensearch range and at the same time, protect the environment, check out their web site at www.grpro-clean.co.uk