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Tried and Tested

Bill Nunez, Falmouth MA:

"“After using your Boaters' Grail recently, another fisherman just last weekend thought my boat was brand new!” These were the words of Falmouth, Massachusetts resident Bill Nunez who loves to go fishing in his boat most weekends in the summer from May to October. Bill sent a few photographs to Ensearch of his eleven year old Parker 21SE fishing dory to show the gleaming finish on his hull after he had used the Boaters’ Grail on it. “It’s a great product,” he said. "

Sailing Today:

"Rust Response " I was genuinely impressed by the results. I wouldn't expect it to be removed completely from a 37 year old gelcoat, but it came extremely close""

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Sailing Today:

"The Boaters' Grail, Four Stars "does a grand job of keeping her looking good all season""

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Martyn Miles:

"NOT JUST FOR BOATS!! "The Boaters’ Grail has left the bodywork of our motorhome looking like new, just out of the showroom as a friend of ours said. I suggested the product for his boat! The one bottle was just enough. I will recommend the Boaters Grail to all. .. it is so easy to apply, No elbow grease needed!!!! for such good results. ""

Terry Radmore, Plymouth:

"I own an MG335 cruiser racer in Plymouth and I always struggled to get the extra stubborn dirt off the waterline and from around areas such as the exhaust outlet. I am also very aware of environmental issues. I’ve scrubbed away with other products for years then put Ensearch’s Fibreglass Hull Cleaner on, hosed it off, and it worked! The top sides have come up a treat. I encourage other people to use it!"

The Crew Report:

"This product was incredible and I feel will be a must for all yacht crew."

Sailing Today:

"Sailing Today carried out a Group Test on boat cleaners and polishes. Included in the trial was the Boat Shine & Protect. They wrote "We were surprised at just how good the Shine & Protect was, despit being a 'one bottle' solution. After all, we tested it on an old scratched and faded gelcoat, rather than new, and it still managed to give it a top-class shine, despite containing no abrasives. This looks to be an excellent product for gelcoat care on new or fairly new boats and is also ideal for thinner painted surfaces, due to its lack of abrasive compounds. "

Anglia Afloat:

"washed off all the scum and salt stains, scuffs and tar blobs. No scrubbing, no elbow grease expended"

Practical Boat Owner:

"PBO TESTED! See the September 2009 edition of Practical Boat Owner, page 59."

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